When in doubt, chill out.

Feeling kind of “Meh” today, all I want to do is munch out infront of the T.V.
I got the perfect comfy outfit, the yummiest foods, the best movies.
I’m good to go!

When in doubt, chill out.

♡Hair Truth Hair – Ximena – light blondes
♡Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
♡Body – Toddleedoo – Baby
Ears – ^^Swallow^^ – Princess Ears

♡Top – ~Lazo – Zola Top @ Color Me Cute!
♡Pants – ~Lazo – Sport Pants @ Ninety-Nine!

Girls just wanna have fun!

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to play with today, so I got lots of outside toys out! My doggy decided I wasn’t allowed any of the tennis balls and stole them for himself, now they are covered in his slobber and I never touching them again *yuck*! He tried stealing my skipping rope too and we had a little tug of war game! He won… but he is huge so it wasn’t fair!!


Hair – Doe – Puddin
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit – {Lula Belle} – Amalie Set – @ Ninety-Nine!
Sandals – #EMPIRE – Kniphofia
Hairbows – {vincue} & Momento – Evie+Bow – Citrus {Gacha found on MP}

Life is sweeter with watermelon!

So many beaches, so little time!!
Here I am again getting sand between my toes and catching the rays.. jokes.. mama slaps that factor 50 on thick!! No tan or sunburn for this bebe!
When you’re really thirsty on a super hot day there’s nothing better than a watermelon to cure your thirst!

Life is sweeter with watermelon!

Hair – Doe – Spring Breeze
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Bikini – ~Miele~ – Emerald Bikini #9 {Watermelon} @ Ninety-Nine!
Watermelon – Kalopsia – Polly’s Watermelon Punch

I heart watermelon.

Life is better when you’re hooping!

“I don’t want to jump through hoops for people, I just want to dance in my own!”

Shop Hop is back! Have you done it yet? No? Why not?! It’s running until the 18th so don’t forget to grab your HUD here and get some goodies before it’s over!

Hula Hooping!

Hair – Doe – Renee V1
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Dress – ~Lazo – Zeta Dress {Shop Hop Item}
Sandals – {Lula Belle} – Tassel Sandals {Shop Hop Item}
Headband – LeMomo – Maisie Hairband (lilac)
Pose – Kokoro Poses – Hula Hoop @ Ninety-Nine!

Ice Ice Babies!!

Family and ice cream go together like.. umm.. Family and Ice Cream!
But that’s the best combo ever! Mummy, Cece and I had a great day at the beach but it was so hot and we all needed cooling down. Then we heard it…. *Gasps* The Ice Cream van music!! *Screams* We ran as fast as our little legs would carry us, Mummy got there last so she was the rotten egg *Giggles*

ice ice babies


Hair  /Wasabi Pills/ – Missy Mesh Hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Swimsuit – Tesoro – Hailey Swimwear {Coming soon to the Toddleedoo Fair!}

Visit Cece’s Blog to see what her and my Mummy are wearing!

Most items in the picture are from the Half Deer – Life is Sweet Gacha at the Arcade!

Blast from the past.

Feeling playful and nostalgic today, so that means My Little Ponies!!

I wish I could go back in time to sweet stress-free days when choosing to play with barbies, polly pockets or my little ponies was the biggest daily decision to be made. Even then it was too hard to decide so my barbies often rode around awkwardly on ponies much too small for them!


Hair – {Limerence} – July hair @ Blush
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Romper – ~Miele~ Pastels CupCake Romper – Milk

I look at you and see sunshine.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away”

I got to go to one of my favourite places today.. the park!!
I just love going down the slide, trying to reach the sky on the swings and climbing like a monkey on the climbing frames. Everyone keeps saying how lucky we are to have such nice weather, so I thought if I dressed like the sun then the weather man would keep giving us nice weather and then everyone can stay happy!

I look at you and see sunshine!

Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Akari hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Romper – {Lula Belle} – Zoella Romper @ Color Me Cute
Glasses – {Lula Belle} – Yanny Round Sunglasses @ Thimble
Hairbows – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Loli lace bows
Shoes – I hate wearing shoes!! *giggles*

{Lula Belle} Zoella Romper AD.png

Little Pony Bebe.

That’s what my Mama calls me, her little pony bebe! When she adopted me I said her surname sounded like a my little pony so when I changed my surname to match her, she said I will always be her little pony bebe, and I will.. always ♡

I love my Mama so much, you know what else I love.. this new dress!!
I saw it whilst shopping at this months round of Color Me Cute, choosing which colour to buy was tricky as I loved the baby blue and yellow too, but when in doubt, I always go pink!

Little Pony Bebe.

Hair – Doe – Puddin – Blondes
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

♡Dress – {Little Miss} – Embro Belted Dress – Fuschia @ Color Me Cute (May 2018)
♡Boots – Turducken – Cowboy Boots – Tan

Feeling those Retro Vibes.

Another outfit today that I picked up from this month’s round of Color Me Cute, this time from Viv.a Kids! I found it hard to decide on which option of this dress to grab but when in doubt I always seem to go for Denim! Why? Because it’s just so easy to coordinate things to match it, any colours will go, any accessories will work and denim is hard wearing for us little terrors *giggles*


Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Lisara hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Dress – [Vk!] – Thays Dress – Light Denim @ Color Me Cute
(Dress comes with shoes but I chose to wear shoes from a different outfit!)
Shoes – [Vk!] – Sneakers from Overall Eloah – Light Denim
Glasses – = REBELLION = – “Savant” Specs
Headband – [ KANA-NA ] – Ribbon Headband
Phone – :BAMSE: – bPhone – Panda RARE

“Look Mummy, no hands!”

I got a new crib today, apparently drawing on my old one was naughty and not pretty like I thought it was…
Luckily this crib is so beautiful already I don’t need to draw on it to make it prettier!

As soon as I saw the advert of this crib I knew it was going to be mine, moss&mink is one of my favourite stores because it’s everything I love! It’s super girly and most items come with a HUD with 20 different colour options so slotting their furniture into blog pics is super easy and so convenient! The other awesome thing about moss&mink is the store owner asked the people in the group what they wanted to see more of and I know I can’t have been the only one that requested more items for children, the fact we were listened to is awesome and makes you feel valued, more stores could definitely take note of that!

When I went to Color Me Cute to pick up the crib I noticed this adorable little outfit from Miele and knew it would be perfect for the picture I already had in mind. I got the Fatpack option so I could mix and match the top and diaper!


Crib – {moss&mink} – Chloe crib @ Color Me Cute (May 2018)
Canopy – {moss&mink} Belle Canopy – Coming soon to the Store! Join the group if you want to be updated on the release!

Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Yuzu hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit – ~Miele~ – Scarlett Outfit – {FATPACK} @ Color Me Cute (May 2018)
Hairbows – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Dassy bows
Bottle – Alvo – Baby Bottle