Pugging Fabulous

Another post featuring Mapetit today and their cozy jumper skirt combo! Paired up with the ribbon slipper boots was the perfect outfit to take Bonnie my pug for a quick walk around the block. I should probably have worn tights, it’s still super chilly out there!


Hair – +Spellbound+ – Nymphet (Bangs from YumYum)
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

♡OutfitMaPetit – Bebe Harriet Outfit
♡BootsMaPetit – Slipper Boots


“Where flowers bloom so does hope”

It isn’t everyday you find a dress named after you, but today is one of those days! Everyone who knows me knows that I love wearing the colour white, and this dress with it’s different colour flowers but main white colour scheme is just perfect for me! Was the perfect excuse to go walking amongst the cottages, picking flowers for my hair and daydreaming about the coming spring!
The “Fiorella” dress by Lazo can be found at The Little Market which will be running until the 22nd of February!

fiorella lazo

Hair – Magika – Shimmer
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby with Shrinkeedoo
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Flowers – =Zenith= – Summer Flower Crown
Dress – ~Lazo – Fiorella Dress @ The Little Market

Lazo - Vendor - Fiorella Dress

Have you been to The Little Market yet? If not, why not? The next few of my posts will be if outfits you can only grab there so look out for more excuses to go! First up is the Dabnie outfit and boots, totally adorable from MaPetit! It’s got ruffles and bows so it’s an instant hit with me! Please remember that MaPetit only caters for the Bebe body so don’t go buying if you rock TD!


Hair – Foxy – Mai Hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Skin – Lambkin – Rosie
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit – MaPetit – Dabnie Outfit (choice of 12 colours) @ The Little Market
BootsMaPetit – Dabnie Boots (choice of 12 colours) @ The Little Market


Everywhere I go I hear people talking about camp, I didn’t know about it until just before it started so I never went but it did get me thinking, I can just make my own camp!!

I wrapped up nice and snug in this super fluffy cardigan and skirt legging combo from Lazo which you can find at Color Me Cute!


Hair – {Limerence} – Margarita hair RARE
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby with Shrinkeedoo
Skin { Clair de Lune } – Odette
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Hairband – {Limerence} – Margarita headdress RARE
Fluffy Jacket with Scarf – ~Lazo – Fluffy Jacket – FATPACK @ Color Me Cute
Skirt with Leggings – ~Lazo – Fluffy Skirt/Legging – FATPACK @ Color Me Cute
Boots – BabyBurp – My Martens – Black

Lazo - Vendor - Fluffy Skirt LeggingLazo - Vendor - Fluffy Jacket Scarf

Hope I’m not boring you with all this blogging but this is my last one for today I promise!! I wanted to get this one out today as this adorableeee outfit is available to grab Color Me Cute which starts tomorrow (15th January). It’s from MaPetit so please remember it only comes on sizes fit for the Bad Seed Bebe body! This super cute and cozy foxy jumper comes in 12 different colours (with both a plain and patterned shirt) and you can also grab yourself these cute little sneakers to match which ever colour you go for!


Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Suzy Mesh Hair – Blondes
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Skin – [okkbye] – Emmaline – 005
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit MaPetit – Bebe Lil Fox Jumper – Purin
Shoes – MaPetit – Lil Chucks – Bebe – Purin
HairbowWildflowers – Jorie Bow Peach (Gacha Item)
Binky Wildflowers – Jorie Paci Peach (Gacha Item)


Second post for today as I just couldn’t wait to show you this dress from the brand new store Tesoro Bebe Boutique, which is premiering at Color Me Cute which opens tomorrow (15th January). I’m under the understanding that this store is going to focus on catering for those of us that use the Bad Seed Bebe body but if this changes I’ll be sure to let you know!! So here I am helping out in the kitchen, although I’m probably hindering more than I’m helping, but at least I look cute doing it hehe!


Hair – Doe – Elfie – Blondes
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Skin – [okkbye] – Emmaline – 005
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

♡Outfit Tesoro – Bebe Adeline Apron Dress – Blush
♡Shoes and Socks MaPetit – Anabelle Shoes – Tea Cake

The Adeline dress comes in 10 colours and each colour includes 2 versions of aprons (plain and floral).
38753667345_2caa6a4148_z (1)

Sunday Strolling

Quick Sunday post today to show you the lovely Anabelle dress and shoes from MaPetit, I love that it has the cute little apron over the top so I don’t get my dress dirty playing in the woods and the socks keep my legs warm in the winter sun. The dress comes in both soft and vivid colours to suit all preferences which is awesome but you know me, when there’s pink and white I’m all over that!


Hair – Magika – Beans
Head Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Skin – Lambkin – Rosie
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit MaPetit – Bebe – Anabelle Dress and Shoes – Soft Bundle


I guess it’s taking me longer than expected to unpack everything as I’m only just getting around to putting my books on the shelf! I’ve had fun while doing it though, I made a tall tower and had to climb the ladder as it got higher and higher. Now I think I might be stuck so I’m waving to try and get someone’s attention… Hello? Anyone?? Please?!


Hair – Doe – Maggie – Blondes
Head Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Toddleedoo – Baby with Shrinkeedoo
Skin – Lambkin – Rosie
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit { Clair de Lune } – Pacify Dress  – Cream
Socks Turducken – White Frilly Socks (Taking from the Lina Outfit)


Unpacking again!

So it’s been a while!! I’ve had a long break from SL, longer than I’d intended but now I’m back and blogging is something I’ve missed soooo much!

So I’ve unpacked, gotten all bentoed up and ready to have fun and make new friends!


Hair – *barberyumyum* – P02 – Beige
Head Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Toddleedoo – Baby with Shrinkeedoo
♡Skin– Lambkin – Rosie
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit Nimble – Libby Outfit (Skirt, Shirt and Cardi, with huds to control all)
Boots – Paper Damsels – Suede Ankle Boots – Gray
Binky – Ugly Duckling –  Treasure Binky [bow] RARE
Crown – =Zenith= – Rose crown



Feeling Chic in the City!!

Quick postie today!!
Super excited about this new romper from Nimble and these shoes from Reign!!
Soooooooo cuteeeeee!!

Feeling Chic in the City


Skin VCO SKIN ~ benny
Mouth VCO ~Benny Mesh Lip
Hair*barberyumyum*65 (brown)
Eyes {ud} Expression Eyes [blues] @ Hello Beautiful April 2016 Event
Face Moles – .BBB. Moles
Eyelashes 1*BC* Free mesh Eyelashes
Eyelashes 2//LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes

Romper Nimble. – Tatum – {B} Native
ShoesREIGN.– Laced Oxfords @ Fameshed May 2016
Glasses .tsg. Kokoro Glasses – Pink
Necklace Turducken ToddleeDoo – My Heart Lockets – Silver